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Application: The AQUA- I luminaires are industrial dustproof and waterproof fluorescent fixtures, designed for premises with resistance demands against dust penetration, splashing water and partial immersion. They can be used in vehicle washes, dams of water reservoirs, swimming pools and chemical industry.

Body: The fixture is formed by plastic tube with 4 mm thick walls which is madefrom transparent polycarbonate. The tube guarantees good mechanical resistance against impact. The flammability level of the material is B (difficult of flammability). The tube can be produced from borosilicate glass or diffusive polymethylmethacrylate. The tube is ended off by sealing plug with bushing M20 (IP67).

Reflector: The reflector of the fixture is shifted in the basic body. The reflector is produced from aluminium profile. The electric components are mounted on it. Special profile is used for cover of electrical parts.

Electric equipment: The fixtures are equipped with inductive or electronic ballast, three-pole (respectively five-pole) connector terminal block and lamp-holder of tubes.

System of fastening: The fixture can be fastened on the ceiling, respectively on the walls of illuminated space by means of special mounting brackets via four screws. The fixtures can be suspended on a cable by means of self-locking cable suspender or hung on a chain via suspension brackets.

Luminaire Power A[mm] B[mm] C[mm]
AQUA-I-111 1x11W 584 221 100
AQUA-I-118-K 1x18W 1148 221 226
AQUA-I-136-K 1x36W 1739 221 240
AQUA-I-136 1x36W 922 235 250
AQUA-I-158-K 1x58W 2066 240 270
AQUA-I-111-EP 1x11W 584 221 80
AQUA-I-118-EP 1x18W 1083 332 95
AQUA-I-136-EP 1x36W 1683 322 95
AQUA-I-158-EP 1x58W 1966 310 95
AQUA-I-106-EP 1x6W 446 80 80
AQUA-I-108-EP 1x8W 522 80 80
AQUA-I-113-EP 1x13W 751 80 80
AQUA-I-114/124-EP 1x14/24W 783 80 80
AQUA-I-214/224-EP 2x14/24W 1148 425 100
AQUA-I-221/139-EP 2x21/1x39W 1083 80 80
AQUA-I-221/239-EP 2x21/39W 1439 425 95
AQUA-I-128/154-EP 1x28/54W 1383 80 80
AQUA-I-228/254-EP 2x28/54W 1739 425 95
AQUA-I-135/180-EP 1x35/80W 1683 80 80
AQUA-I-235-EP 2x35W 2039 425 95
AQUA-I-280-EP 2x80W 2104 488 95
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