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Application: The BOXER luminaires are fluorescent light fixtures designed for the lighting of premises with high risk of damage – pedestrian subways, garages, stadiums, school cloakrooms, gymnasiums etc.

Body: The body of the fixture is produced from white painted metal sheet, 1.5 mm thick or from stainless steel. In the lower part, there are holes for the grommets which disable the access to the feeding cables after mounting of the fixture.

Cover: The cover of the fixture is formed by the plate from PC material, 4 mm thick or by plate from glass. The plate is shifted into the sheet metal frame which is pernamently joined to the body. The plate is locked by means of the strip fixed by the imbus screws. The screws with special heads and special dismantling key are available on request.

Reflector: The reflector is put in the basic body. The reflector is produced from high polished aluminium sheet.

Electric equipment: The fixtures are equipped with electronic ballasts, three-pole terminal block and special vibration resistant lampholders.

System of fastening: The fixtures can be fastened on the ceiling or on the wall of illuminated space by means of two or three screws.

Luminaire Power A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] E [mm] F [mm]
BOXER-208-EP 2x8 W 336 181 56 222 31,5
BOXER-213-EP 2x13 W 564 181 56 450 31,5 84,5
BOXER-214/224-EP 2x14/24 W 596 181 56 480 31,5 84,5
BOXER-221/239-EP 2x21/39 W 896 181 56 782 31,5 84,5
BOXER-228/254-EP 2x28/54 W 1196 181 56 31,5 84,5

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