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Application: aces, e.g. halls, shopping centres, stores, work-rooms, sport facilities etc. To get over the startup time of tube, it is possible to use the fixture with alternative reserve source.

Gear Box: The ballast housing consists of two alluminium profiles. Side walls are covered by plastic lampholders produced by injection technology. A special sealing of polyurethane foam applied by a full robot line provides the protection against water and dust (IP43).

Reflector : The reflector of the fixture is produced by injection technology from polycarbonate. Its inner side has a design protecting from glare. The reflector can be supplied with polished alluminium sheet to increase the luminous flux in the bottom half-space. Total luminous efficacy of the light fixture is 88%. The reflector is equipped with grips for suspension of protection cage with stainless steel clips (IP43). The other alternative is to use separate aluminium reflector (IP23), respectively complete with front glass (IP54).

Electric equipment : he ballast housing includes ignitor and ballast, screwless five-pole terminal block, capacitor, conductors with double insulation certified up to 180 °C, clamps of supply cables and socket..

System of fastening: The light fixture is suitable for suspenson installation by means of cqble (chain) or rope.