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Application: The HORNET luminaires are designed for the lighting of outdoor areas, major and side roads in town and cities, parking sites and industrial zones. The fixtures can be used as the special fixtures for the lighting of pedestrian crossings.

Body: The basic body consists of four main parts: upper cover, optical cover, rear cover and mounting panel with electrical components. The plastic clips and the flange are included in the equipment of the fixture.

Ballast part: The ballast part includes the mounting panel with electrical components and rear cover. The mounting panel is produced from PC material of grey colour. The rear cover is made from PP. The coverage of ballast part is IP43 and the connection with the light area is solved by means of two snap-on caps. The rear and the upper covers are joined with the screw.

Optical part: Optical part includes the upper cover from PP which the ballast mounting panel from PC material is fastened to. The joint of upper and optical cover is solved by two clips made from ABS. There is used the silicone sealing between upper and optical cover which ensures the coverage level of optical cover IP65.

System of fastening: The fixture is equipped with flange which is used for the fastening on the park or bracket column (Ø 60 mm). It is possible to supply plastic reduction Ø 60/50 mm for the shaft column Ø 50 mm. The flange is put in the grooves of the mounting panel and is fixed by the screw M8. The flange is mounted for bracket position as standard. The flange mounted for park column position on request only. It is possible to add to the fixture a flange with list of 20°, which can be used for the fastening on the park or the bracket column.

Type of luminaire A [mm] B [mm] C [mm]
HORNET 610 310 370