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K-2-N & K-3-N

K-2-N, K-3-N
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Application: The K-2-N, K-3-N lighting fixtures are suitable for the lightening of areas with danger of explosion. The fixtures can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. The coverage level of K-2-N and K-3-N is IP 65. The fixtures are certified in FTZU Ostrava-Radvanice (type examination certificate number FTZU 06 ATEX 0058).

Body: The basic body of the lighting fixture is made from surface-finished aluminium casting. Each type includes two cable glands.

Reflector: The reflector of the lighting fixture is made from aluminium sheet. The luminaire is standardly supplied with symmetric (-SYM) and asymmetric reflector (-ASYM).

Electrical equipment: The big advantage of these lighting fixtures is easy method for the replacement of ballast part altogether. Ballast part contains bearer from galvanized sheet 1,5 mm thick, capacitator, inductive ballast, line conductors with double isolation certificated to 180°C, lighter, source bushing E27 or E40, incoming terminal block.

Fastening system: The lighting fixtures can be fastened on the support base by means of bracket grip. It enables the positioning of the luminaire into the required position.

Type of luminaire A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm]
K-2 350 524 160 146
K-3 452 660 218 180