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Mastif T70

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Application:The MASTIF-T70 luminaires are fluorescent fixtures designed for lighting of interior areas with high ambient temperature.

Body:The body of the fixture is produced from the galvanized sheet and is ended off by the hollow screws with inner thread M20 for fastening of the cable gland or sealing plug M20 and for the fixing of the rotary arms.

Cover:The cover of the fixture consists of the frame and the covering glass. The frame is made from the galvanized sheet and equipped with the glass with the diffusion louver. The glass contains the sealing on the circuit. The connection between the body and the frame is solved by three hinges on the one side and by three clips on the other side.

Reflector:The reflectors are produced from high polished aluminum sheet and are put in the basic body.

Electric equipment:The fixtures are equipped with low-loss inductive ballasts (EEI=B1), three-pole, event. five-pole connector terminal block and G13 lampholders.

System of fastening:The light fixtures can be fastened by means of rotary arms on the ceiling or on the wall of illuminated area. The rotary arms enable adjustment into the demanded position.

Type of luminaire A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm]
MASTIF - T70, 2x18 W 640 365 90 595
MASTIF - T70, 2x36 W 1250 365 90 1205
MASTIF - T70, 2x58 W 1550 365 90 1505

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