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Application: The POINTER - I luminaires are industrial dustproof and waterproof fixtures for fluorescent lamps, suitable for the lighting of indoor and outdoor areas with high IP requirements, as well as demanding resistance to dust penetration and water jets.

Body: Injection technology is used for the body production. The body material (grey RAL 7035) is ABS or PC. The fixture protection is ensured by the clamping of polyurethane foam sealing.

Cover: The light active cover is produced by injection technology. The optical cover material (transparent colour) is SAN or PC. The measured luminous efficacy is 64 %. The cover surface is completely smooth on the outside for easy cleaning.

Clips: For the fixture sealing and locking the clips from PC material are used.

Reflector: The reflector of the fixture is produced from white painted metal sheet. All the electric components of the fixture are mounted on it. A polished aluminium sheet reflector can be supplied on request.

Electric equipment: Inductive or electronic ballasts, three-pole terminal block without screws for the connection of conductors up to 2.5 mm² and lamp-holders of fluorescent tube G23 or 2G7. For the connection of the electric components 0.75 mm² conductors are used, IEC 227, T 105 °C, white and blue-white colour.

Fastening system: The fixtures are equipped with special self-locking clips, on which the fixtures are easily fastened. The joint can be taken apart. The POINTER fixtures can be suspended on a cable by means of self-locking cable suspender. This cable suspension makes fastening easy and it works with accuracy of better than 1 mm. Another possibility is to hang the fixture on a chain via suspension bracket.

Standard accessories: 1 pcs sealing grommet, 2 pcs fastening spring, double clamp for feeding cables.

Type of luminaire A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] E [mm] F [mm]
POINTER - I, 2x11 W 338 186 105 210 232 100
POINTER - I, 1x11 W 338 186 105 210 232 100
POINTER - I, 1x9 W 338 186 105 210 232 100
POINTER - I, 2x9 W 338 186 105 210 232 100