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Application: The SALUKA luminaires are fluorescent dustproof and waterproof lighting fixtures designed for the lightening premises with danger of explosion. The luminaires were certified by FTZÚ, Ostrava - Radvanice (type examination certificate number FTZÚ 08 ATEX 0133).

Body: The body of the luminaire is produced from white painted metal sheet or inox. On both edges of luminaire are holes for plastic bushing or sealing plugs. Demanded level of coverage is ensured by sealing glued by diameter of luminaire.

Cover: The cover of the lighting fixture is from glass 5 mm thick. The lighting fixture protection is ensured by the clamping EPDM sealing. For the lighting fixture sealing and locking clips from galvanized metal sheet material are used.

Reflector: The reflector is produced from white painted metal sheet 0,6 mm thick. 

System of fastening: The lighting fixtures can be fastened directly on the ceiling, wall or via suspension brackets. Luminaires are standardly equipped by two steel lifting eyes used for suspension on steel wire or chain.

Standard accessories: 1x sealing grommet, 1x sealing plug, 2x lifting eye, 4x rubber sealing

Type of luminaire A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm]
SALUKA-N-1/2x18 W 705 192 90 560
SALUKA-N 1/2x36 W 1305 192 90 1160
SALUKA-N-1/2x58 W 1605 192 90 1400
MULTISALUKA-N-2x36 W 1035 192 90 1160
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