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Uninterrupted Power Supply for Lifeboats

The UPS is for use in a lifeboat, zone 2 explosive atmosphere. It combines in a single unit, a 40Ah battery and its controls to supply 12Vdc to three 11W compact fluorescent light fittings for at least 12 hours

ExII 3G EEx nA II T5
Zone 2 IP55
Supply Voltage 254V, ±6%, 50/60Hz

The UPS will be energised when the self-ejecting plug and socket is connected and is indicated with a green lamp. The supply to the plug and socket is via the safety relay which is in turn controlled by the auxiliary pins of the plug and socket.

Supply Voltage 254V, ±6%, 50/60Hz

Voltage 14.7v
Capacity 40Ah
Float Voltage 13.6v
Charge Current 12A
inside ups
Blue AC Power online
Red High Charge Cycle
Green Float
Amber Battery Type
Type LiFePO4
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Voltage 7.5v
Capacity 40Ah
Life 1500 Cycles
Operating Temp -20ºC to +60ºC