Antivandal lighting fixture (MULTI)GALGO-LED with dust and water jets resistance is designed for areas with high risk of damage, i.e prison cells, psychiatric hospitals, gyms and pedestrian subways.

EP – electronic 220-240V /50-60Hz AC, 220-240V DC 0Hz

Light source:
LED, 4000K, CRI +80, MacAdam3

White painted steel sheet RAL 9003

Extremely resistant material PC (polycarbonate)

Surface wall or ceiling mounting

Screwless three-pole terminal block, maximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2. The lighting fixture is prepared for loop-in (possibility of connection of two cables)

Standard equipment:
2 pcs cable gland, washers with rubber to seal mounting holes, safety screws (it is necessary to order additionally 004778 – Bit for safety screw with socket head and pin s=3)

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:
L80B10 ta30 – 70 000h
L70B10 ta30 – 100 000

On request:
 – non-maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h)
DIM – dimmable electronic ballast (DSI, DALI)
2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
MULTI – maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h)
NANO – lighting fixtures can be protected by special nano-layer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection) NIGHT LIGHT – equipped with 4-8W LED source for night-time lighting, 3K or 4K
NEREZ – housing produced from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 (in case of STAINLESS STEEL version its declared for ambient temperature decreased about 5-10°C)
MW SENSOR – microwave sensor (if a sensor is required, contact technical support)
RAL – other colour scale



Code numberDescriptionTc (K)Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Power input (W)Weight (kg)
51770GALGO-LED-1250-118-4K, IP654000111069019810886,34
51771GALGO-LED-2500-218-4K, IP6540002220690198108166,34
51772GALGO-LED-5000-218-4K, IP6540004650690198108336,32
51773GALGO-LED-2500-136-4K, IP654000227113001981081710,76
51774GALGO-LED-5000-236-4K, IP654000454213001981083311,1
51775GALGO-LED-10000-236-4K, IP654000930013001981086611,72
51776GALGO-LED-3750-158-4K, IP6540003406160019810825-
51777GALGO-LED-7500-258-4K, IP654000681316001981085013,02
51778GALGO-LED-12550-258-4K, IP6540001163916001981088013,68
051770 FFGALGO-LED-FF-1250-118-4K, IP65400011106961981088-
051771 FFGALGO-LED-FF-2500-218-4K, IP6540002220696198108166,66
051772 FFGALGO-LED-FF-5000-218-4K, IP654000465069619810833-
051773 FFGALGO-LED-FF-2500-136-4K, IP654000227113061981081714,94
051774 FFGALGO-LED-FF-5000-236-4K, IP654000454213061981083311,9
051775 FFGALGO-LED-FF-10000-236-4K, IP654000930013061981086611,98
051776 FFGALGO-LED-FF-3750-158-4K, IP6540003406160619810825-
051777 FFGALGO-LED-FF-7500-258-4K, IP6540006813160619810850-
051778 FFGALGO-LED-FF-12550-258-4K, IP65400011639160619810880-
51795GALGO-LED-ASYM-3800-218-4K, IP654000327369019810825-
51796GALGO-LED-ASYM-7600-236-4K, IP65130019810849-
51797GALGO-LED-ASYM-9000-258-4K, IP65160019810856-
051795 FFGALGO-LED-FF-ASYM-3800-218-4K, IP6569019810825-
051796 FFGALGO-LED-FF-ASYM-7600-236-4K, IP65130019810849-
051797 FFGALGO-LED-FF-ASYM-9000-258-4K, IP65160019810856-


Code numberDescription
4586Bit 25 tool for safety screw
4579BOXER TORX safety screw M5x12
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