Application: Dustproof lighting fixture EXTRA-LED with splash water resistance is designed for workshops, warehouses, manufacturing areas, and garages.

Ballast: EP – electronic 220-240 V/50-60 Hz AC, 220-240 V DC

Light source: LED, 4000K, CRI +80, MacAdam3

Housing: Plastic material PC (polycarbonate), grey colour RAL 7035

Diffuser: PC (polycarbonate) opal, PC (polycarbonate) clear (just H version)

Fastening: Surface ceiling or wall mounting by means of two self-locking fastening brackets (standard equipment) or set of wall brackets – angle 45°, pole mounting via set of pole brackets, suspension by means of wire or cable suspenders.

Connection: Screwless three-pole terminal block, maximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2.

Standard equipment: Cable gland Pg13.5 for diameter of cable 7-12 mm and fastening brackets for direct fastening of lighting fixture to a mounting surface

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:
L80B10 ta30 – 70 000h
L70B10 ta30 – 100 000h

On request
DIM – dimmable electronic ballast (DALI,DSI, 1-10V)
EM-1/3 – non-maintained emergency lighting
GESIS – possibility to equip lighting fixtures with connectors
MULTI-1/3 – maintained emergency lighting
NANO – lighting fixtures can be protected by a special nano-layer
NSP – stainless steel clip
(hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)
ADELS – possibility to equip lighting fixtures with a connector terminal block
1/3 F – single-phase or three phase through wiring connection,
NUP – stainless steel fastening bracketmaximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2
NSPP – stainless steel clip and fastening bracket
2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
RN – outdoor application for uncovered areas
II – Insulation class II




Code numberDescriptionTc (K)Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Power input (W)Weight (kg)
55180EXTRA-LED-7500-258-4K, IP66400066741580155105503,56
55181EXTRA-LED-3750-258-4K, IP66400033371580155105253,7
55182EXTRA-LED-5000-236-4K, IP66400044491280155105332,9
55183EXTRA-LED-2500-236-4K, IP66400022241280155105172,84
55184EXTRA-LED-10000-236-4K, IP66400086111280155105662,95
55185EXTRA-LED-12550-258-4K, IP664000107771580155105803,7
55186EXTRA-LED-1250-218-4K, IP664000108867015510581,6
55187EXTRA-LED-2500-218-4K, IP6640002175670155105161,66
55188EXTRA-LED-5000-218-4K, IP6640004305670155105331,8
055228 NSPEXTRA-LED-16700-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips4000137301580155105942,96
055240 NSPEXTRA-LED-20000-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips40001631115801551051154,05
055456 NSPEXTRA-LED-H-12550-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips400011303158015510569-
055457 NSPEXTRA-LED-H-16700-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips400014960158015510595-
055458 NSPEXTRA-LED-H-20000-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips40001790315801551051175,82
055650 NSPEXTRA-LED-H-7500-258-G2-4K, IP66, SS Clips40007308158015510544-


Code numberDescription
511801F through wiring EUROPA / EXTRA 18W
511811F through wiringEUROPA / EXTRA 36W
511821F through wiringEUROPA / EXTRA 58W
511833F through wiring EUROPA / EXTRA 18W
511843F through wiring EUROPA / EXTRA 36W
511853F through wiring EUROPA / EXTRA 58W
8029Cable gland PG 13,5with nut HEAVY DUTY RAL 7004
51157EXTRA pole bracket for diameter Ø50mm-AISI 304 (1pc)
1697Fixing bracket EXTRA-stainless steel AISI 304
001748 LAKProtective cage EUROPA/ EXTRA 2x18W
001749 LAKProtective cage EUROPA/ EXTRA 2x36W
001750 LAKProtective cage EUROPA/ EXTRA/ VIPET/ 2V58-2x58W
3574Stainless steel clip EXTRA
51131Suspension bracket EUROPA/ EXTRA/ VIPET-3m (2pcs)
1696Wire suspender EXTRA (1pc)
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