Metal dustproof lighting fixture SALUKA-LED-PLUS/FROST with splash water resistance designed for workshops, garages, industrial and production areas with higher ambient temperature, or warehouses and freezers with low temperature.

EP – electronic 220-240 V/50-60 Hz AC, 220-240 V DC

Light source:
LED, 4000K, CRI +80, MacAdam3

White painted steel sheet RAL 9003

Clear hardened safety glass
OP – matt hardened safety glass

White painted steel sheet RAL 9003

Direct surface wall or ceiling mounting, ceiling mounting by means of ceiling brackets or adjustable brackets, wall mounting by means of wall arm brackets, pole mounting by means of pole brackets, suspension via set of suspension hooks (standard equipment)

Screwless three-pole terminal block, maximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2

Standard equipment:
1 pc M20 cable gland for diameter of cable 7-12 mm, 1 pc M20 sealing plug, 2 pcs suspending hook, 2 pcs rubber gasket

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:
L80B10 ta40 – 75 000h
L70B10 ta40 – 110 000h

On request:
2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
DIM – dimmable electronic ballast (DALI)
GESIS – possibility to equip lighting fixtures with connectors
1/3 F – single-phase or three phase through wiring connection, maximum diameter of wires 1.5 mm2
NEREZ – housing produced from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 (in case of STAINLESS STEEL version its declared for ambient temperature decreased about 5-10°C)
NANO – lighting fixtures can be protected by special nano-layer (hydropho-bic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)




Code numberDescriptionTc (K)Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Power input (W)Weight (kg)
53020SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-5000-218-4K, IP664000422370519290333,6
53021SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-2500-136-4K, IP6640002245130519290176,76
53022SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-5000-236-4K, IP6640004223130519290336,76
53023SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-3500-158-4K, IP6640003140160519290258,14
53024SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-7500-258-4K, IP6640006625160519290478,14
53019SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-2500-118-4K, IP664000224570519290173,75
53025SALUKA-LED-PLUS-OP-9600-258-4K, IP6640007876160519290578,14
54492SALUKA-LED-FROST-OP-5000-136-4K, IP664000438213051929028-
54493SALUKA-LED-FROST-OP-10000-236-4K, IP6640008245130519290566,28
54494SALUKA-LED-FROST-OP-4750-158-4K, IP664000425516051929026-
54495SALUKA-LED-FROST-OP-7500-258-4K, IP6640006830160519290438,34
54496SALUKA-LED-FROST-OP-12550-258-4K, IP66400010348160519290698,9
53017SALUKA-LED-PLUS70-OP-5000-236-4K, IP6640004270130519290286,8
53018SALUKA-LED-PLUS70-OP-7500-258-4K, IP6640006669160519290438,95


Code numberDescription
8029Cable gland PG 13,5with nut HEAVY DUTY RAL 7004
007047NFlat sealing ring EPDM 27x18,5x1,5mm
51145Pole bracket SALUKA stainless steel (O 50mm)
8501Sealing plug M20
51139Set of ceiling brackets SALUKA (2 pcs)
51136Tube suspender FALCON 2x (2 pcs) l=600 mm
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