Recessed antivandal lighting fixture (MULTI)STAFORD-LED with resistance against dust and with splash water resistance is designed for areas with high risk of damage, such as prison cells, psychiatric hospitals, underpasses, tunnels, underground stations and railway station platforms.

EP – electronic 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz AC , 220-240V DC 0Hz

Light source:
LED, 4000K, CRI +80, MacAdam3

White painted steel sheet RAL 9003

Combination of painted sheet RAL 9003 and opal polycarbonate diffuser

White painted steel sheet RAL 9003

Recessed ceiling mounting

Standard equipment:
2 pcs cable gland, washers with rubber to seal mounting holes, safety screws (it is necessary to order additionally 004778 – Bit for safety screw with socket head and pin s=3)

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:
L80B10 ta30 – 70 000h
L70B10 ta30 – 100 000h

On request:
– non-maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h)
DIM – dimmable electronic ballast (DSI, DALI)
2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
MULTI – maintained emergency lighting (1h, 3h)
NANO – lighting fixtures can be protected by special nano-layer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)
NIGHT LIGHT – equipped with 4-8W LED source for night-time lighting, 3K or 4K
NEREZ – housing produced from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
(in case of STAINLESS STEEL version its declared for ambient temperature decreased about 5-10°C)
MW SENSOR – microwave sensor (if a sensor is required, contact technical support)
RAL – other colour scale
1/3 F – single-phase or three phase through wiring connection, maximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2
GLASS – hardened safety glass
II – insulation class II



Code numberDescriptionTc (K)Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Power input (W)Weight (kg)
57692STAFORD-LED-OP-5350-4K, IP654000389065325595345,4
57694STAFORD-LED-OP-8000-4K, IP65400058389532559551-
57696STAFORD-LED-OP-10650-4K, IP6540007781125325595689,3
57691STAFORD-LED-OP-4650-4K, IP654000336865325595296,5
57693STAFORD-LED-OP-7000-4K, IP65400050529532559543-
57695STAFORD-LED-OP-9300-4K, IP6540006736125325595589,32
57690STAFORD-LED-OP-3500-4K, IP654000256265325595214,67


Code numberDescription
4569RAMBO safety screw 6x10
2020RAMBO special key
2022STAFORD installation box
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