Dustproof lighting fixture (MULTI)SALUKA-N-LED with splash water resistance is designed for lighting of areas with danger of explosion.

EP – electronic 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz; 220 – 240 V, 0 Hz DC

Light source:
LED, 4000K, CRI +80, MacAdam3

Metal, Painted, Colour RAL 9003

Tempered safety glass, OPAL

Suspension hooks (standard equipment).
For other options please see below or click the ‘Accessory Guide’ button.

Screwless three- or four-pole terminal block, maximum diameter of wires 2.5 mm2

Standard equipment:
1pc Exe plastic cable gland M20x1.5 (as a standard for diameter of cable 7-12mm), 1 pc Exe plastic plug M20x1.5, 2 pcs suspension hooks, 2pcs rubber sealing gaskets.

Calculated lifetime – LED modules:
L80B10 ta40 – 70 000h
L70B10 ta40 – 100 000h

On request:
 – dimmable electronic ballast (DALI,DSI, 1-10V)
MULTI-1/3 – maintained emergency lighting
EM-1/3 – non-maintained emergency lighting
NEREZ – housing produced from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 (Due to the reduced heat dissipation capabilities of stainless steel, the ambient temperature is reduced by 10°C)
GESIS – possibility to equip lighting fixtures with connectors
MWS – Integrated microwave sensor (6m or 12m) ON/OFF or DIMMABLE
BKT – Ceiling mounting brackets
A-BKT – Adjustable ceiling mounting brackets
W-BKT – Wall mounted arm brackets
45BKT – 45deg wall mounting bracket
PM50 – 50mm pole mounting bracket
T4mm² – Terminal block, 4 mm² max.
NANO – lighting fixtures can be protected by special nano-layer (hydrophobic, oleophobic or antibacterial protection)
2.7K-6.5K – colour temperature
1/3 F – single-phase or three phase through wiring connection, maximum diameter of wires 2.5mm2

EX II 3G Ex nR IIC T6 Gc
EX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80°C Dc



Code numberDescriptionTc (K)Luminous flux of the luminaire (lm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Power input (W)Weight (kg)
80000SALUKA-N-LED-OP-1250-218-G2-4K, IP6640001155705192908-
80001SALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-218-G2-4K, IP664000222070519290153,55
80002SALUKA-N-LED-OP-5000-218-G2-4K, IP664000440970519290293,62
80003SALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-236-G2-4K, IP664000222013051929015-
80004SALUKA-N-LED-OP-5000-236-G2-4K, IP6640004440130519290295,04
80005SALUKA-N-LED-OP-10000-236-G2-4K, IP6640008819130519290586,05
80006SALUKA-N-LED-OP-3750-258-G2-4K, IP6640003330160519290228,5
80007SALUKA-N-LED-OP-7500-258-G2-4K, IP6640006661160519290449,26
80008SALUKA-N-LED-OP-12550-258-G2-4K, IP66400011305160519290748,6
80009SALUKA-N-LED-OP-16700-258-G2-4K, IP6640001417516051929095-
80010SALUKA-N-LED-OP-20000-258-G2-4K, IP66400016963160519290117-
80022SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-218-G2-4K, IP66, 1h4000484705192903-
80023SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-236-G2-4K, IP66, 1h40006701305192904-
80024SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-258-G2-4K, IP66, 1h40006701605192904-
80025SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-218-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000484705192903-
80026SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-236-G2-4K, IP66, 3h40006701305192904-
80027SALUKA-N-LED-OP-Em-500-258-G2-4K, IP66, 3h40006701605192904-
80028MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-1250-218-G2-4K, IP66, 1h40001155705192908-
80029MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-218-G2-4K, IP66, 1h400022207051929015-
80030MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-236-G2-4K, IP66, 1h4000222013051929015-
80031MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-5000-236-G2-4K, IP66, 1h4000444013051929029-
80033MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-3750-258-G2-4K, IP66, 1h4000333016051929022-
80034MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-7500-258-G2-4K, IP66, 1h40006661160519290448,85
80032MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-10000-236-G2-4K, IP66, 1h4000881913051929058-
80035MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-12550-258-G2-4K, IP66, 1h400011305160519290749,05
80036MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-1250-218-G2-4K, IP66, 3h40001155705192908-
80037MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-218-G2-4K, IP66, 3h400022207051929015-
80038MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-2500-236-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000222013051929015-
80039MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-5000-236-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000444013051929029-
80040MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-10000-236-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000881913051929058-
80041MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-3750-258-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000333016051929022-
80042MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-7500-258-G2-4K, IP66, 3h4000666116051929044-
80043MULTISALUKA-N-LED-OP-12550-258-G2-4K, IP66, 3h40001130516051929074-


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