Silicone Free Luminaires

Silicone can have a negative impact on material surface characteristics which may adversely affect the painting process and lead to visible defects on the product. Strict regulations often apply in the automotive industry, which prohibit the use of luminaires containing silicone in order to minimise the danger of contamination.

The PITBUL-EX-LED, PITBUL-N-LED, FILA-N-LED and NORD-N-LED luminaires can be supplied in painted sheet steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel. The diffuser is opal hardened safety glass as standard to avoid glare and some types can be supplied with dimmable drivers and wireless controls (DALI, DSI, 1–10V, Bluetooth mesh, Microwave motion sensor).

A large selection of mounting accessories allow the customer to choose the best possible installation fit, e.g. ceiling/wall mounting, pole mounting, suspension eyebolts, magnetic mounts and recessed frames. Custom brackets can also be supplied.

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